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Our Program Is Customized To Meet You Where You Are Today And Take You Where You Want To Go… Listen, I get it, you're busy. You've got crazy time poverty, a demanding job, an ever slowing metabolism, cravings that you can't figure out and zero energy to take care of it all.

What we do is fuse cutting-edge training methods with FUN and challenging and customized program design so your body will transform at a rapid rate... We also apply the right mindset, energy and world class motivation along with top notch guidance, ironclad instruction and complete support to give you a personal training experience with unsurpassable results.


Christie Perez

In 2010 I moved back to the United States after 2 years of living in Australia. Living abroad you do one thing a whole lot more than you tend to do in Miami; you walk everywhere. Even with all the walking I was doing in my day to day, I was in the worst health of my life. I worked 12-14 hour days leaving my desk for coffee or a quick run to the nearest fast food restaurant. On my way home at 9, sometimes 10 pm, I'd look for a different fast food restaurant and pick something up for dinner. It was a vicious cycle of overworking myself and starving my body of any type of nutrients. In 2011, I heard about Synergize from a friend who asked me to accompany her and try a free class. I signed up that same day. It wasn't from the amazing workout. I actually couldn't keep up or finish most exercises, but instead it was because of who the trainers and staff were. Day one it was obvious they cared. They cared A LOT. It didn't seem like the number one priority was making the sale, like in most other places. They cared about me. They cared about ME caring about myself! Fast forward 3 years. I was in a new career, having shed the going-nowhere-route I had been on since moving back. I had a new group of friends; having shed those who did not serve my new focus and lifestyle. I had an amazing extended family. They became my confidants, my advisers, my support group, my family. I had not only shed negative energies, but also 65 pounds!! I embraced this circle... until I became part of the circle. After being so motivated by my trainers, I started contemplating whether I could be a trainer myself. I was put to the test shortly after. I was so incredibly lucky to have Zach take me under his wing, always eager to impart his knowledge, always available to explain, demonstrate and test me. Always pushing me to be the best version of myself! Not only was I his student, but his client. As I learned more and more about my own strength, capabilities and power, I learned how to best motivate others and allow them to experience the amazing capabilities they themselves had. It showed me a part of myself I never knew existed. Being a part of the Synergize family as a trainer and client was amazing... but soon after, I also wanted to be a part of the Synergize Movement!! If this small company could make such a HUGE impact my life, I wanted to help them transform the world anyway I could! I wanted to support them in their mission of transforming 10,000 lives by all means necessary. One way I could be impactful was to use my expertise in organizational structures and systems implementation and so I became the Operations Manager. It's been an amazing journey. One that truly transformed my life. I am thankful, I am blessed, I am transformed, I am Synergize.

Wendy Valdes

I was weighing 177 lbs, with little or no desire to exercise and very poor eating habits. I have never been a “workout freak” and although I have tried every diet imaginable – *everyone of them!* – I had never achieved long term results. In July 2010, I came to Synergize Fitness and something about the Synergize System seemed different and made me want to find out more. After my first session, I was immediately hooked! Back then, I wasn’t sure what that *something* was that made me want to try the Synergize System but 10 weeks later I feel like a different person. I have lost 31lbs of body fat and 18 lbs on the scale, and most importantly I am exercising on a regular basis, my eating habits have changed, my energy level is going through the roof, even my skin looks and feels better. There are many exercise plans to choose from but none offer the knowledge, guidance and support that Synergize Fitness. Being healthy is not just about exercising – it’s about finding a balance between mind, body and spirit – and that is the *something* that Synergize Program will offer you that the others can’t.

Brian Westlye

I first met Zach in September of 2009. To say that I was reluctant to try personal training would be a huge understatement. I had been a gym rat for much of my adult life but had completely let go of myself. I had blown up to a unhealthy weight of 370 pounds. I was miserable and always exhausted. I decided to make a change. He Approached me as I was in the middle of my workout. Listening to what I thought was a typical gym sales pitch, I tried blowing him off. Completely undeterred Zach got me to sit down and answer a few questions about routine, eating habits, etc.. Sitting there, I just had a feeling that he was different from other trainers. Fast forward to a year and a half later and another 70 lbs lighter not only do I have ZERO regrets but I gained an awesome support system and a great friend. Zach is so much more than a personal trainer to me. He makes you believe in not only what you’re doing there in the gym but what you’re doing in life. He has become an invaluable part to my success both now and in the future. If you have ever had doubts about personal training just sit down and give him a shot, I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Michelle Pelletier

10 lbs & 8.5% BF
It’s not easy to put into words the effect that joining Synergize has had on my life and on me as a person. I had struggled with weight since childhood and I had convinced myself that “chubby” was my body type. I truly believed I couldn’t escape that. Thank you, Zach, for opening my eyes to a different reality and to a world of greatness I never dreamed possible for myself. I have learned so much about myself in so many ways, and I am excited to continue using this knowledge for ongoing improvement. This journey has only just begun! Physically, I have lost 8.5% overall body fat and 2 pants sizes since I first set foot in Synergize. I eat better, I sleep better, I look better, and I FEEL AMAZING! Emotionally, I am the most confident I have ever been in my life, no exaggeration. I’ve heard it from family, friends and co-workers alike: my whole attitude is different. This is not something I set out to change, not something I even knew was a problem to be honest, but the Synergize transformation process has really made me a better person. I see life through such different lenses now, and I am so much HAPPIER! Professionally, my responsibilities at work expanded in a huge way and I was promoted a year ahead of schedule. In less than two years, I have gone from being an assistant to my boss to being the lead lawyer for two large global business teams. I am quickly approaching where I thought I would be 5 years from now. I would not have had the confidence to pursue my career this aggressively before this transformation! THANK YOU, SYNERGIZE! Thank you to the trainers who lose their voices to motivate us. Thank you to my fellow bootcampers who keep me going when I think I have nothing left. Thank you for the sweaty hugs you all give after a tough workout. Thank you ALL for making me feel like part of your family from Day 1 and thank you for taking part in my transformation!

Brian Kliem

My original intention in coming into Zach’s system was to build my strength and agility to become a better martial artist. I was lacking in strength for my kicks and punches so I sought out a coach who could help me. The biggest change of all wasn’t the awesome power and coordination that i achieved through Zach’s programs, it was the inner transformation. My confidence level is at an all time high and this confidence has boosted my development in everything else that follows it. I’ve worked with a personal trainer before. The biggest difference between Zach and my previous trainer was intensity in the workouts. My previous trainer never pushed me passed my own self set limitations. Zach’s program taught me the true meaning of “intensity” and that the body is able to do more than the mind allows it too. If it weren’t for Zach my confidence and self esteem would be back in the gutter where it started. I’ve been able to set goals higher than I ever dreamed and take action on them. Before I would give up on them before I even started, by talking myself out of them. But now the goals I set are within my reach and they are bigger and better than I ever believed possible. I was so impressed with how health and fitness has changed my life i’ve decided to study and become a personal trainer myself. I’m currently working under Zach’s mentor program to learn all of the awesome techniques used with me so I can duplicate my great results with my own clients.

Michael Thomas

Zach Marcy’s training consultation helped me maximize my efforts and achieve my 10 week goal of becoming an action star. His high-intensity cardio/resistance work-outs combined with and easy to follow meal plan helped me shed those last few stubborn pounds of fat that made all the difference when it came time to shoot the fight scene! I’d recommend him to anyone who wants to take their fitness level up a notch.

Jessica Arnold

I was in a serious accident a few years back. I fell off of a ladder and landed on my pelvis breaking my back. After my recovery many times I would start working out, get a back flare up and stop. At one point i gained an embarrassing amount of weight and had to do something about it and I did! This program literally saved my life. With everything I had to go through to accomplish what I have, you have no excuse for not getting results like mine!?

Sean Matthews

With the help of Zach I lost 30lbs in less than 4 months. I’m able to do things that I couldn’t do while I was in high school as an athlete. I highly recommend that anyone should train with Zach.

Stephanie Walden

I am a client turned personal trainer because of the knowledge and enjoyment Zach’s system has given me. I started the program to rehabilitate after I severed the bottom part of my bicep on the right arm in a jet-ski accident. By the time my arm had healed it was half the size of the left arm. Not only did the system strengthen the right arm back to original strength, it is now stronger that the left. As I progressed in the system I transformed my body from scrawny and undefined to curvy and with nice muscle tone. I have been able to take my fitness to the next level and have competed in figure competitions from the knowledge I have gained. The program has given me so much confidence in myself and the ability to change my body that one day soon it will help me to achieve my goal to become a professional figure competitor. After being trained by Zach for a year, I had the honor of became a trainer working side by side with Zach to help other people as he had helped me. It is a thrill teaching clients the great benefits of the program and I continue helping people to not only reach their fitness goals but surpass them. This is a great system for anyone and everyone. It is not just for a fitness guru, but for people just beginning their path into the fitness world. I stand by it 100% and I know that anyone who has tried it and will try it will be thrilled that they took that first step in bettering themselves for the journey of life with Zach’s proven program.

Ary Rodriguez

Lost 105 fat lbs and 20% body fat
Fads, fads everywhere… but none the real deal – until I found Synergize. Between P90X, Cross-fit, Insanity, and all those other “in” or “trendy” workouts, how is anybody supposed to choose what works for them. Or even worse, stick to it and get results. After trying several with no success at being consistent or getting results, I came across Synergize. The combination of cardio classes and full body fitness classes gave me something to look forward to each day. The instructors were full of energy, ready to assist with proper form, and mindful of any injuries or ailments each participant may have in order to modify the workouts to maximize results. Each day the class had variety to decrease the possibility of becoming bored with the same old tired routine I was used to doing at the gym on my own. The metabolic finisher (intense cardio for final 3 minutes of workout) really helped to seal the deal towards the end of the workout to give me that sense of hard work and accomplishment. I’ve finally found something that works, allows me to stay consistent with my fat loss and strength building, and best of all, that I enjoy.

Nicole Gondar

Lost 27lbs
Cross-fit, Insanity, and all those other “in” or “trendy” workouts, how is anybody supposed to choose what works for them. Or even worse, stick to it and get results. After trying several with no success at being consistent or getting results, I came across Synergize. The combination of cardio classes and full body fitness classes gave me something to look forward to each day. The instructors were full of energy, ready to assist with proper form, and mindful of any injuries or ailments each participant may have in order to modify the workouts to maximize results. Each day the class had variety to decrease the possibility of becoming bored with the same old tired routine I was used to doing at the gym on my own. The metabolic finisher (intense cardio for final 3 minutes of workout) really helped to seal the deal towards the end of the workout to give me that sense of hard work and accomplishment. I’ve finally found something that works, allows me to stay consistent with my fat loss and strength building, and best of all, that I enjoy.

Leanne Zequeira

Lost 24lbs in 8 weeks
After thinking to myself for hours, I was finally able to come up with two words which would sum up what this whole experience has been for me – Life Changing. I have been overweight my whole life, and 18 years of bad habits caught up with me and took a toll on my health and my appearance. I had come to a point where I said “I give up, this is who I am, and it’s never going to change” … till I came across Synergize Fitness. There, I was taught how to live a healthy lifestyle, and give my all in every single boot camp class I participated in. I learned that I shouldn’t loose weight to make others happy, or to simply be “skinny,” but because I should be happy in my own skin and strive to be the healthiest person I can be. After 8 weeks of being on a Nutrition Plan, and a part of a daily one hour boot camp class, I stepped on a scale, measured my body fat, and was able to see the results of all my hard work and perseverance. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I had lost 24 pounds in 8 weeks, and could not be any happier! This would have been impossible without the Synergize System and its amazing staff. I now think to myself and say, “How could I have waited so long to do this?” I am a completely different person after this experience, inside and out, and this is only the beginning for me. I will continue to always keep my goal in mind and be the best that I can be!

Adrya Kustra

Lost 131lbs
With the help of Synergize and training with Alex, I was able to lose over 1331 lbs and keep it off. I feel so much better about myself. I am so completely grateful to Alex and Zach for all their support. I am truly blessed. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it!

Jessica Soto

Lost 50lbs
After being frustrated for so long with my weight, I finally decided to do something about it. I joined the gym, enrolled in some dance classes but still nothing worked. Finally, I came across Synergize Fitness and saw results instantly. I used their meal plan religiously which has now turned into a complete lifestyle change. The weight came off and my confidence came back! I went from a size 16 and am now down to a size 6! I’ve lost over 50lbs and feel incredible!

Michael Brunetti

42 lbs & 15.4% BF
Cutting weight was something I was naturally good at a majority of my life. I wrestled in high school and in college and was always motivated to keep my weight down to be able to compete. Having now been 4 years removed from college I went from 180 to 248 pounds and was in a very uncomfortable size. I had no idea what to do to begin the process, so, I sought out a different way to go about it. Instead of sucking weight and trying to do something quick, I decided to reach out to someone who I knew could teach me the right way to go about it and sustain that success. When I met Zach and Alex, I was very depressed and saddened with my weight and size. I remember Alex measuring my stomach and my arms and I just felt completely disgusted with how lost I was. Zach and Alex told me as long as I listen to them, follow their steps & guidance and stay on track, I’d be able to achieve my goals. I made the sacrifice and did whatever I could to achieve. I didn’t leave my house for nearly 4 months and very rarely cheated on my diet. It was extremely tough, but, Zach and Alex kept on top of me. They would always check up in on me, text me from time to time, bring me in for a 1-on-1 to make sure I achieve the goals I set out for myself. They’re different than your typical gyms and cross fit places, because here, it really does feel like family. They show a genuine care in you and want you to get everything out of this experience as much as you can. Their workouts are designed to push you and make you become better day by day. I was able to lose so much weight and truly feel great about myself. Everywhere I go now, people are constantly telling me how much better I look and how much weight I lost; it always feels good to hear that my hard work paid off. I couldn’t thank Zach and Alex enough for everything they’ve done for me and the friendship I’ve been able to develop with them over the past year. If you’re reading this testimonial and are looking to make a change in your life, then look no further. I promise you…..I guarantee you, if you listen to them, dedicate yourself and remain positive through the tough times, then you will feel how I feel now, which is a sense of accomplishment and victory. There were a lot of tough times. Sitting in my living room throughout those weekends while all of my friends were going out partying was tough. It flat out sucked at times. But, I knew I had a goal and I knew I wanted to transform and that it would be all worth it. I had the “I don’t give a f*ck attitude”, I didn’t care what anybody thought. People laughed at me and thought I would never get to where I wanted to be. But I trusted in Zach and Alex and most importantly myself. Again, I can’t thank you Zach & Alex enough for getting me back to where I needed to be, both physically & mentally.

Jayma Torres

Lost 34lbs & 9.9% BF
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto at the age of 32 when my doctor decided to do a full blood work because I had a very hard time staying awake even after 12 hours of sleep. I was also struggling with depression and my weight. My doctor prescribed synthroid and eventually my energy started to come back but no matter how much I exercised, my weight was just not going down. So I decided to do something about it and contacted Synergize. When I first started working with Synergize I was weighing 196.8 pounds with 38.2 body fat, I couldn’t even do a modified push-up nor a complete lunge but the supportive environment encouraged me to keep working hard and as a result I’ve lost 34 pounds and 9.9% body fat. I am much stronger and confident because the program is much more than a weight loss program, it teaches you to empower yourself and create a positive way of life. Thanks to all the trainers that made my positive transformation possible!

Tracy Sires

Lost 20 lbs and 8% body Fat
My journey began June 2014! I woke up and decided I was no longer going to continue the downward spiral of my health. After I had my daughter in 2000, I weighed 175 lbs and everything I tried would only shed about 10 lbs and I just couldn't get over the hump. I had tried tons of fad diets, pills, working out to YouTube videos; the list is endless. I was always tired, short of breath just walking up a flight of stairs, and I just felt awful. My eating habits were terrible to say the least. When I felt motivated, I tried working out alone or with a buddy on treadmills or elliptical machines but saw very little change so I would get discouraged and stop. Enter Synergize: June 2014, 34 yrs old, 166 lbs and 34% body fat. According to those numbers I was obese! I joined Synergize because the atmosphere, the trainers, and the diversity in the workouts gave me the motivation I lacked for years. In 6 months, I'm down 20lbs and 8% body fat! I feel amazing and have tons of energy!! Thanks to the Synergize team, I have learned how and what to eat as well as how to move and exercise.

Olivia Lozano

Lost 10lbs & 8% BF
Growing up, I had a thin, boney appearance, although I danced throughout my life up until college, despite my shy personality. I thought I was fine, but never developed a muscular look from dancing. My late 20s brought on a whole different perspective of my physical appearance. In a matter of 5 years, I started traveling the world, and put on about 30 lbs. I wasn’t that lanky girl that walked through college graduation. I still “accepted” the way I was because I was curvaceous. I had never picked up any form of exercise, diet, or had a plan to get those 30 lbs off. I didn’t feel the need to. No one told me to either. Fast forward to 2011. I heard about Synergize through a friend and within a few months joined because I felt like I needed to change. I was hesitant at first because I was in the middle of my MBA and between travel and work, I felt like I didn’t want to half commit to this. I have seen drastic changes in my physical appearance, which has led me to be more confident about myself. Others have noticed as well, which has been motivating to keep going strong. I have gone down a whole pant size and have toned up significantly. My nutrition has changed twofold. I never thought that I could “diet” or restrain myself to eating certain things and actually enjoy it. Now I’m looking for healthy recipes and enjoy cooking. Lastly, I would have never posted a picture of me in a bikini anywhere! That just wasn’t me. For me, it took one email and one goal to make a life change. When I didn’t believe in myself, others did and that pushed me to start believing for myself. My advice: Create goals. Write them down, work on them and check them off. I did it. So can YOU! THANK YOU Synergize for giving me confidence each and every day!

Johanna Linares

Lost 17lbs & 9% BF
One day I was thinking that I just hate the way I look and feel. I use to exercise because I had to and because it kept me in good shape and that's it, but I was in a time of my life that I just decided to let myself go and didn't have control regarding food or exercise because It was boring and nothing motivated me anymore. I realized what bad shape I was in and how negative and angry I felt most of the time so one day at the end of 2014, I decided to make a change. I was very far from where I wanted to be but I never thought about the time or how hard it was going to be. I just focused on my goal and nothing else. So I started looking for a group of people of support; people who had the same goals and motivation as myself and that's when I found Synergize. I decided to join the group not confident and afraid but I started meeting everyone here and they were so supportive and cool. I remember my first "intention" was one thing I loved that caught my attention. The journal, the crazy exercises and the group of trainers. Everybody is special and unique in their own way. Little by little I got more involved and addicted to this place, plus I had started seeing results right away and that kept me motivated. It's been 8 months and I never stopped, even now that I feel good that I have achieved my weight goals and I look better than before. I keep going every day because it's not just about how you look and how much weight you lose, but most importantly about how you feel inside. If you go to a place to work out maybe in a bad mood, down or after a crazy long day at work and you leave that place happy, motivated and excited for next day; then you know you are in the right place and you know they are doing things right. That's why I'm still here that's why I keep coming every day after work, it's about mind and body and if you combine this plus fun you’ve got SYNERGIZE. I'm very thankful this place was on my path at some point of my life, I'm very happy to be a part of the group and very grateful for everyone here. :)

Kala Neilson

Lost 25lbs & 10% BF
When I walked into the front doors of Synergize, I had honestly lost myself. 30 pounds overweight - I had no self-confidence and I had no motivation to dig myself out of the hole I had created. Once upon a time a NCAA Div I Soccer Player at Cornell University, I struggled to maintain my fitness level post-college with no coach or fitness plan to keep me on track. Immediately, I fell in love with the Synergize Program and Zach Marcy's mission statement. It was like I had stumbled upon a second family. All the trainers quickly learned my name, always greeted me with a big smile, and pushed me in every class to give it my very best. Fast forward 5 months, I'm thrilled to say I've managed to pull myself out of that hole. I can't express my gratitude enough to Zach, Alice, Alex, Antuan, Christy, Manny, Rebecca, and my fellow Synergizers - with your love and support, I've not only gotten back in shape - I'm eating WAY better, and most importantly, I'm smiling again. I'm myself again. And I can assure you - there's no way I'm looking back. MAD LOVE SYNERGIZE FAMILY!!!!!!

Jorge Guanchez

Lost 15lbs & 13% BF
I went from working out every day for 2 years to stopping completely for 2-1/2 years. I lost my motivation to workout and I got tired of the same boring routines of going into a gym and lifting and running on the treadmill every day and needed to find something different. I always heard about boot camps and thought they looked like a different way to workout that was more entertaining than the traditional gym. After talking about it for several weeks and researching online, I finally told myself it was time. I wanted to give Synergize a shot, they seemed like the most motivating boot camp of the ones I found online, and their class schedules were perfect for my daily schedule. After just a month of joining, I started feeling better about myself and motivated to keep going. With weighing in every month, I was excited to watch my progress and see my body fat go down. I went from not having any energy to having a large amount of energy and being a much more positive person. Like the name says, this isn't just a gym, it's a transformation center, and Synergize definitely helped me transform into a much more badass version of myself. Zach, Christie, Alice, Alex and Manny are all awesome motivators, and push you to your limit and constantly remind you that you are able to improve. There is no negative energy in this gym and it's the reason I keep coming back.

Monica de Avila

Since I have been part of Synergize I have experienced many changes in my life; my quality of life has improved! I never thought my body would have a transformation in just six weeks, but now that I look myself in the mirror I just want to never give up. Thank you to all of Synergize team that makes me feel part of this big family.

Gerald Darby

Lost 22lbs & 7% BF
“Thank you Zach and thank you Synergize team for your support. I lost 22 pounds and 7% body fat in 6 weeks. Even though the New Year Revolution is over, I will keep going. Thanks and Congrats to everyone who participated in this”.

Dennis Bencomo

I didn't think I could make the progress I have, but maintaining discipline and having a staff that cares about your personal goals was simply instrumental in getting me to this point. I came to Synergize to get away from the sedentary lifestyle I had been leading for a couple of years and stayed when the trainers and my peers became family. Maintaining a workout regimen that challenges me has led me to feeling incredible, emotionally and physically in recent memory.