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Owner and Transformation Coach

Zach Marcy
Hey, i’m Zach Marcy.
I help busy professionals look, feel and think with vibrant energy and unstoppable motivation through Mind-Body Transformation and Biohacking. My experiences and expertise: - Personal development
- Exercise science (Certified Personal Trainer)
- Nutrition
- Psychology (BA from GSU)
- Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP Master Practitioner)
- Entrepreneur
- Health coach (Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist)
- Executive Coach.

I use my unique education and experience to help, high achievers like you, optimize your personal, professional, physiological and psychospiritual (head and heart) areas of life to work together synergistically. In our world today there is no such thing as balance, but there is such thing as synergistic focus on the acts that fulfil us most.

My biggest desire is to teach you to live a life where you feel and perform with the energy, confidence and motivation to get everything you want out of life. If it’s the boardroom, the bedroom, with your family or just for yourself your default setting should be feeling charged up, energetic, confident and just all out amazing in every way.

Assistant Manager/Transformation Coach

Alice Land
I’ve spent the last 5 years trying to understand why I wasn’t happy, why I was not fulfilled. After years of gyms and trainers and thinking I was eating healthy I had almost given up at finding a solution. I joined Synergize in May 2013, and knew this place was going to be different. First things first, break out the scale and calipers…21.3% body fat and 160 lbs… not my proudest moment. But it made me take a hard look in the mirror. And this also meant looking at all aspects of my like and not just saying “I’m joining because I want to lose weight.” The aesthetic part simply can’t come first. Having a great physique is the end result of getting your head right with your personal life, your professional life and ensuring you are set with your psychological and physical goals, short and long term. But what was really going on with me? What was the real underlying motivation for me to move from current state to desired state? First step…Zach Marcy made me rate myself on a wellness wheel. WOW, Eye-opener! It was my first true glimpse at how deficient I was in so many important parts of my life. My ratings were little spirituality or passion, lacking in family and social… I could wax on for days. In fact, the only thing that was highly rated for me was my career. No wonder I was unhappy!
I needed balance. I needed to figure out how to elevate all the other areas of my life. I needed to truly understand what being healthy meant, not just from a physical standpoint but being healthy and happy in all these deficient areas of my life. This was the turning point for me and I decided enough was enough. I committed to myself that I could no longer continue down a negative path but elevate to a better version of myself. Next step was creating short and long term for all my deficient areas. Spend more time and communicating with family and friends. Re-invigorate my hobbies, try new things! You get the idea…Because I knew my ultimate goal was to be a confident, healthy and passionate individual. And I had to be happy with me before I could expect anyone else to!
To me this next phase has been the most revealing and phenomenal phase…Nutrition! Everybody thinks they eat healthy and there’s tons of marketing out there that tells you what you’re eating is healthy (usually it’s not) but at the end of the day it’s all about eating real food in healthy balanced portions. Cutting out unhealthy fats, cutting out carbs that aren’t great for you, alcohol, energy drinks, etc… I can’t say how important this part was for me.
I used to go the gym maybe 3 or 4 times a week, maybe a spin class, maybe the treadmill and weights…but now I’m at Synergize 6 days a week. The resistance training and cardio classes are by far the best workouts I have ever done. This has allowed me to really work on definition of my body and tone (most of) the areas I was self-conscious about before starting Synergize.

But the story doesn’t stop there; I knew I wanted to do more. In September 2014, I approached Zach about becoming a trainer. I already had years of leadership experience in my Sales and Marketing career and thought why not transfer these over to Health and Fitness? I thought if I can teach and motivate others this will serve dual purposes in both my professional and personal life. I started shadowing other trainers, learned the Synergize Seven, the Synergize Vision, Core Values and Mission. And I was on my way to teaching classes quickly…That’s when I took it one step further.
In May of 2015 I enrolled in the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM.) I wanted to get certified as a Personal Trainer. I had 6 months to study and test on Human Movement Science, Assessments, Training Concepts, Program Designs, Nutrition and Supplements, and Client Interaction and Professional Development. In November 2015, (at 40 years old I might add) I passed and earned my certificate! February 2016: I am roughly the same weight as when I started 3 years ago but now I hover between 16-17% body fat and I’m stronger and more energetic than ever. I’ve never been healthier or happier. Every day, I keep my goals in mind because while I don’t believe in perfection I know that success is never final! This transformation due to the guidance and motivation of Zach and the Synergize team. I am appreciative and grateful every day.

Transformation Coach

Antuan Trujillo
Being a part of Synergize has transformed my life in so many ways. Not only am I more focused than ever on my goals, but I have been able to break through so many mental barriers that had kept me in my comfort zone for years and the list keeps growing. When I met Zach for the first time I was in pretty good shape from the style of training I had been doing, but taking what I learned at Synergize and incorporating it into my training and diet has really taken my progress to the next level! Now I am able to share what I have learned and help others achieve goals that they once thought were not possible with specific programing and motivating them to be the best version of themselves.