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The Boost Smoothie Recipe


Turn your breakfast smoothie into a brain boosting, energy enhancing experience that you love with… THE BOOST

Energy seems to be the number 2 complaint of my clients in reasons why they started a transformation program (the first being wanting to lose weight and third being health). Remarkably 93% of the people that cited energy as their number 1 or number 2 reason also drank coffee or caffeine. Many of them actually skip breakfast completely and use that coffee instead. This has created a problem of people being reactive and ravenous by the time lunch comes around.

So my quest in creating a solution to these issues was to fill every need without compromise. The shake had to taste good, be filling for hours, amp up energy, be healthy in nature and even amplify fat loss. What resulted was… THE BOOST!

THE BOOST Smoothie Recipe
1. 1 tablespoon of Chia Seeds
2. 1 to 2 teaspoons of Maca Powder
3.  1 to 2 scoops of Vegan based protein powder
4. 6-8 oz of organic cold brew coffee
5. 2 tablespoons of MCT Oil
6. 6-8 oz of filtered Water

THE BOOST Smoothie Ingredients

1. Protein Powder
We put protein into our smoothies for a combination of reasons. Every cell, tissue and organ in our body utilizes protein to create their structure. Protein is also the essential building blocks of lean muscle. The more sexy, tone lean muscle you have on your body the greater your metabolism burns at rest and at work. This ingredient helps you recover faster from workouts and from our everyday life stresses on a cellular and tissue level.

Because we are worried about where the protein comes from and what the protein contains we stick with Vegan or Vegetarian based proteins. Most of the whey, casein and other proteins on the market are cast off by-products some other process. There is no telling if these products are actually healthy, if they contain heavy metals, rodent feces, anti-biotics, hormones or if the animal they are produced from ate GMO based or pesticide contaminated feed.

The only products on the market that we stand by for protein is:

– Sun Warrior Protein Blend
– Raw Meal or Raw Protein
– Vega Sport

2. Maca Powder
Maca has shown to increase mood, assist in sex drive and even regulate hormones in both men and women. Within a few hours of consumption people report feeling “strong like and had a noticeable increase in energy. It’s that good.

It’s very bland in flavor so using up to 2 tablespoons won’t bother your taste buds that much, but it sure will make a huge difference in your mood balance and feelings of vitality.

Our preferred product of choice:
– Navitas Naturals Maca Powder

3. MCT Oil
This is like a direct injection of mental clarity and a cure for brain fog. Many people will think that our 5th ingredient is the most powerful, but this is the one I wouldn’t want removed if I had to take something out.

MCT’s are a really cool fat that the body loves to use for energy instead of storing it.

Our preferred product of choice:
– Bulletproof Coffees XCT Oil
– Sports Research MCT Oil

4. Chia Seeds (Optional)
Want to eat like an Aztec Warrior? Then Chia Seeds are for you.

Our nutrition is so packed with Omega 6’s that this power packed source of Omega 3’s is just what the nutritionist ordered with a whopping 4.5 grams per tablespoon. It has around 5 grams of fiber per tablespoon as well so when we use 2 tablespoons it represents 1/2 to 1/3 of the 20-35 grams that we need per day. Fiber is amazing at keeping us regular, allowing our gut to digest food and it’s vitamin and mineral components while also filling us up faster. It also packs 3 grams of protein per serving helping make it even more filling and aid in cell repair.

I’ll allow my Chia Seeds to soak and activate for about 5 minutes in my smoothie so it started to gel and create more volume. You will find the longer you let them sit the longer you are satiated from the smoothie.

Our preferred product of choice:
– Navitas Naturals Chia Seeds

5. Cold Brew Coffee
So the quality of your coffee and your relationship in using or abusing it is everything in this smoothie. I’m going to qualify it’s addition first and then have a discussion about judging if you should or shouldn’t be using it.

The case for coffee…
– It’s a powerful thermogenic:
When you are sensitive to the effects of coffee it can significantly aid in your fat loss efforts. You’ll increase your metabolic rate both at work and at rest.

– Increases recall and mental clarity:
There are countless studies that just the right amount of healthy coffee leads to mental clarity and increased memory recall.

– It makes your smoothie taste good:
I accidentally created this entire recipe. It was an early morning, my brain was foggy and I was in a rush. Some how I managed to dump my cold brewed coffee into my shake mix. Because I didn’t have time to redo it I figured I would just suck it up and drink it. The next thing I know, I LOVED IT!

Here is my warning for coffee and my caveat to a lot of my clients that i’ve coached off of coffee.

When I get people detoxing or attempting to get their ideal sleep patterns in order I will have them remove stimulants completely. I do this as a catch all for realigning the ideal circadian rhythms with the natural rise and setting of the sun and to dump over using stimulants instead of being able to listen to the body asking for sleep, nutrients (not just calories) or exercise. An over use of coffee and caffeine paired with a lack of sleep, bad health habits and can also drain your adrenals. With your body over stimulated it produces cortisol in massive amounts until your body burns out and then stops producing your cortisol. We call this adrenal fatigue and it requires huge lifestyle changes and recovery. It’s another lesson for another article.

Here is a test you can run that I personally do with myself and client. Every 2-3 months I will test to see if I or my clients can go a week time frame without using coffee at all. This shows me that we are a slave to nothing, but it also keeps our sensitivity high to the caffeine while giving our adrenals a bit of a break. If you’ve got brutal symptoms from this then taper off of it first but get your sensitivity to it back while going through the test process of keeping your sensitivity high and not hitting burn out.

Our preferred product of choice:
– Chameleon Organic Cold Brew

Print this out and give it a shot. If you want more nutrition help, jump onto our 4 easiest nutrition plans on planet earth by clicking here.


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