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Weekends Wrecking Your Fat Loss Efforts? DO THIS!



I’m not sure if i’m making this a “thing”, but I had an impulse to help you guys today to setup your weekend. No promises of consistency of this, but i’m definitely giving you guys some power packed information to follow for a successful weekend in your body and mind transformation efforts.

Let’s plan and be proactive this weekend to make sure all of our scheduled, planned and easy to organize fitness and nutrition efforts during the week aren’t undone.

It’s been reported by the majority of my clients that they struggle with their health and fitness efforts during the weekend because they have more freedom and less routine. If it’s important it should get scheduled. If making your health and fitness is a priority then take a mindful approach to your weekends. Today i’m here to help you put your plan into place to create healthy habits during the weekend and get it on your schedule.

You should feel better, be more energized and possibly a pound or so lighter on Monday because of what you did over the weekend. Not, rundown, dreading getting up, groggy and in need of a vacation from your weekend.

Your attitude towards this is everything. If you are skeptical that is okay, but first start by suspending your disbelief for a minute and let’s make this easier than it might first come off. Keep a positive mindset going into it.

You really only have to focus on two components, food and fitness. We break fitness down into two additional components, mental and physical fitness. Let’s jump in…

Food Friday Weekend Warrior Tip:
Plan out your meals and have a healthy snack on hand.

We always get caught up in our very limited free moments having fun or just doing things. Slow yourself down enough to mentally plan our your meals for the day before you get reactive into a situation during the weekend.

1. Wake up early enough to have a good, healthy breakfast that will last you for up to 4-5 hours. This makes a huge difference on starting the day.

2. If you’ve made the plans to go and attend an event just take it one step further and plan out how you are going to eat there. Usually if we are at an event, a movie or even a party we are at the whim of whatever is in front of us. If possible eat something before you go. Also, have something on hand while you are there to snack on if the hunger demon kicks in. An apple, nuts, a premade or protein/meal replacement powder (like my super smoothie recipe found here) in a shaker or paleo jerky are just some ideas of what you can have on hand at any given time when you are out and about.

3. If you’ve planned to have your one MOO (Meal of Opportunity) on this day limit it to just one meal that lasts about 1.5 hours long. We include alcohol, juices or any other beverage that has calories or chemicals (yep, diet sodas) as part of your MOO.

Fitness Friday Weekend Warrior Tips:
1. Mental fitness:
Take a mindful approach to your whole weekend by setting the intention and planning to be healthy. You take a subconscious behavior or impulse, like hunger or feeling tired, and you create plans to control them to be in your favor. If you have waited to long to eat and your get too hungry you’re going to eat whatever. This goes hand in hand with our first food tip to always have something on hand with you.

Turn your weekend mindset into one of conscious planning, eating and exercising. Watch your inches decrease, your fat evaporate and your size shrink.

2. Physical fitness:
Get one day of workout in on the day you plan to have the worst meal. This puts you into a caloric deficit from the get-go and you won’t have to over worry about the additional calories.

Don’t have a workout to do? Never worry, i’ve got you taken care of with over 7 in home workouts you can do with little to no weight.

There is literally no excuse anymore for not working out. Between a YouTube search for at home videos or websites like mine that offer in home, 30 min or less, follow along workouts with minimal weight (CLICK HERE TO TRY IT OUT FOR JUST A $1) your options are so open that you are only limited by excuses or poor planning. After this email we won’t fall into that anymore!

Get write out your plan for the weekend. Share it with me by clicking reply to this email or let me know if you need help personalizing it. That’s what i’m here for.

You Got This!

Your Coach,
Zach Marcy

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