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Anatomy of A Synergize Workout


So we characterize our studio as a “Transformation Studio” and not another gym, fitness center or bootcamp.

They are great claims, but what does that even mean? Let me take you through the actual content of how we deliver our service on a daily basis and then let’s break it down so you can understand how everyone else is selling you short on your transformation if you aren’t getting this type of quality and personalization.

Watch two of our Metabolic Conditioning classes in time lapse from beginning to end. It takes less than 60 seconds and we have cool music. During that time watch for the following… Workout format:
1. Dynamic warm up
2. Meditative clearing and Motivational and Mindful Intention
3. Metabolic resistance training or metabolic conditioning
4. Metabolic finisher
5. Cool down and stretch
6. Question and answer

Let’s get specific as to why we have the elements that we have and how it serves you. So transformation as we define it is the constant and never ending pursuit of being the best version of yourself personally, professionally, physically and psychologically (4P’s). Understanding that you have to work on yourself from a 360 degree perspective it requires elements of everything in our 4P’s to be delivered in class. Let’s get deeper:
1. Dynamic warm up:
This is a full body from head to toe way to move authentically and truly prep the body for work. In this we do the same warm up for an entire year so you can truly master the movements neurologically and physically.

2. Meditative clearing and Motivational and Mindful Intention:
We add a true psychological component here by creating a blank slate and then installing a positive and powerful intention to remove the day that effected you and install a better frame of reference for the workout.

3. Metabolic resistance training or metabolic conditioning:
Both of these are cutting edge, but they are related to muscle toning and fat torching. These are based on the primal movement patterns so you break from being a “zoo human” who sits in a cubicle and doesn’t move all day and gets back to the way a human is supposed to move naturally. We train movements and not body parts to reclaim your vitality and health.

4. Metabolic finisher:
These also have a psychological component to it. They are short, but incredibly hard. You’ll be burning calories for up to 12 hours after ending the workout with these and you will be able to take new lessons with you for overcoming the intensity.

5. Cool down and stretch:
Start your recovery process the right way with our nice full body stretch. This is another psychological zone for bringing your awareness off of trying to push yourself, but instead to love and start the healing process on yourself.

6. Question and answer:
You want to tie in the final of the 4P’s, here is your chance. We go around answering questions from anything related to relationships, anyone know of job openings or someone that needs hiring, nutrition help, additional exercises and just about anything related to becoming a better version of yourself.

That’s it in a nutshell! I’d love to offer you a free trial class to give the Synergize Difference a try for yourself and start your own Transformation Revolution.



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