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Message From Owner/Transformation Coach Zach Marcy

HEY! That’s me, Zach Marcy, Owner of Synergize Transformation Studio and creator of the Integrated Transformation Model (ITM). All of our programs work off of the framework guaranteed to help you become the best version of yourself personally, professionally, physically and psychologically. We provide the permanent and constantly improving way to get the mind and body transformation you’ve wanted for so long.

In my 2 decades of practice we’ve helped thousands of people:
- Lose over 500,000lbs of body fat
- Completely energize their mind and body
- Break free from fear, doubt and depression and claim unstoppable courage, unlimited motivation and healthy vibrant happiness.
- Attract the significant other of their dreams
- Have the confidence and vibrancy to ask for a raise, start their own business or land their ideal job.
- Create unstoppable motivation while breaking through procrastination
- Become passionately connected to their life and it’s purpose

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Training with Zach has drastically changed my life. I started at Synergize because a friend of mine told me about the amazing workouts and the results he achieved. At the time I had not trained consistently in months and my eating habits were very unhealthy. After my first workout I felt like I was hit by a truck. But I also felt that this was exactly the kind of training that I needed. For about the first month my goal was simply to finish every training session and continue to commit to changing my life. I was amazed at the results I saw just in the first month and wanted to continue to push myself to achieve greater levels of personal fitness. Zach’s group training environment offers an awesome positive energy where everyone is working to achieve real results and not just going through the motions of exercises. The training sessions are intense, but have allowed me to push past what I previously thought were my own physical limits. In about seven months of training I have lost 46 pounds and a total of 16% in overall body fat percentage.